Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary will make your experience a better one

More personalization, natural human-computing interaction, and bio-metric security will help you to adapt to Windows 10 with ease. Whether you upgrade early or you tend to take more time to migrate, we have some exciting features and experience improvements to share that have been revealed in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build.

Cortana – Chatting with your new assistant even before login

For people who are new to Windows 10: While we’re getting used to be with digital assistants, from Siri on the iPhone to Alexa apps for home appliances such as Amazon Echo, Cortana is the only one built into a desktop operating system. Simply ask for assistance to set a calendar or make a note. The more you use Cortana, the more personalized your experience you will be.

For those who already have had Cortana finding files on your PC: You’ll be surprised in its evolving nature. In the coming anniversary update, Cortana will be at your service above the lock screen. Even if you don’t use all of the assistant features, you can still get tailored news and entertainment content delivered as a mini-newspaper.

Windows Ink enables you to sketch on screen and write on webpages*

Microsoft is dedicated to making pen-driven experience on PC as natural as it is on a piece of paper. Windows Ink Workplace is one of the biggest feature in the Anniversary Update that turns your PC into a canvas. With built-in experiences such as Sketchpad or Screen Sketch, it allows you to draw, capture or mark up anywhere on files across different programs and share when done. When enabled, the Microsoft Edge browser will allow you to directly highlight and take notes on webpages.

Windows 10 Screen Sketch

*Hardware or touch-enabled required.

Windows Hello – Allowing access with enterprise-level security

Granting system access with enterprise-level security; Windows Hello uses bio-metric authentication such as fingerprints or facial recognition to secure your info without typing traditional passwords. In the forthcoming Anniversary Update, it’s expected to be tied-in with Microsoft’s Edge browser and applications where you’ll be able to have security and easy bio-metric access.

** Windows Hello requires specialized hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor or other bio-metric sensors.

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Source: * * Li-Chen Miller, Group Program Manager, Windows Ink * Mauro Huculak, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

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