What is Force10 Networks?

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How many people have heard about Force10 Networks? Been in a Force 10 Gail? Seen Force10 from Naverone? Well, Force10 Networks makes high performance core and top of rack switches for high performance, high end data centers, high density data centers, high reliability data centers, all over the world. You probably already use their products. 25% of all internet traffic worldwide and 85% of internet searches in the USA go through Force10 switches and routers.

Big companies like American Express, Enterprise Rent A Car, and SalesForce.com are customers of Force10. So if you run a charge on your American Express card, your running it though their equipment. Do you search on Yahoo? You Yahoo’d through Force10.

Most of the top social networks use Force10 equipment. Eharmony uses them too. Force10 also powers the New York Stock Exchange, 1.6 billion trades daily, so they need a reliable network to keep track of all those trades. So you probably already use their equipment.

Force 10 is also a leader in Open Cloud Networking, with open API’s, that unshackle your network from a proprietary vendor. Open standards protocols, open source. So no matter what size your network is, no matter what kind of a network you want, you can drive your architecture to maximize performance without compromising on price.

With open standards, all your servers talk to each other. Open Cloud Networking and open architecture mean that Force10 network equipment will support any computer storage solution, so long as they also support open networking.

Visit Force 10 Networks for product information, and for information about Force 10 Training, visit www.DWWTC.com/force10/

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