The Benefits of IT Certification

The Benefits of IT Certification
Certification Benefits for the Job Seeker and Employee

Individuals who are seeking employment or those currently employed and looking for new or different jobs have a lot to gain from certifications. In this post we will cover some of the instances when certification training can benefit you as an employee or employer.

As an individual wondering why a certification would matter to you we can offer some insight as to what we hear from our students and their employers. To potential employers, a certified candidate illustrates a willingness to go the extra mile and expand their knowledge on a particular subject. This can mean the crucial difference between you and other candidates and can also be a requirement. Much like a degree, a certification is proof that you have put in the time to learn the material.

For those who are gainfully employed, a certification can mean reinforced job security and can generally increase the your earnings potential. In some companies certifications may even improve the possibility for you to get promotions. If you are looking to gain an advantage over other candidates, then a certification can be the extra step you need.

Even if you aren’t looking for a competitive edge, it is always good to set personal goals such as updating your job skills to stay relevant. This is where certification retention and renewal can help you maintain your knowledge and credibility. Certification renewals serve to ensure your skill set stays up-to-date even when you aren’t working with the latest technologies and can help serve to future-proof you and your company from emerging technologies.

Employee Certification Benefits for the Company

In corporate environments certification can be increasingly important for employees and the business alike. For companies that certify their employees, both are rewarded with increased confidence, both can up-to-date with current trends, and it can help reduce potential risks. The return on investment for certification is very high if well maintained.

The added confidence and knowledge that certification brings can boost productivity and will increase the skill floor of the business as a whole. Certification is a win-win for everyone involved and will elevate you and your company to new heights.

Recap of Certification Benefits
Employee Benefits
  • Job seekers have more job opportunities and higher potential for getting hired.
  • Those who are employed can look forward to higher job retention, promotions and generally higher earning potential.
  • Personal goals or required certification updates and renewals are a good way to stay on top of the industry.
Company Benefits
  • You can operate in confidence that your employees are qualified and competent.
  • Ongoing certifications ensure your company stays on the cutting edge.
  • Potential risks and common mishaps can be avoided with the proper training.
  • Certifying your employees is also a great way to boost productivity and increase the pool of available skills.

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