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At Dynamic Worldwide Training consultants you can take any of our IT and business career training courses from the comfort of your home or office in “real time’ via REAL-ILT. (Instructor Led Training).

Take a look at this video:

SMART Board Class
SMART Board Class (Photo credit: CSD’s Learning Division)

We send the student a camera and headset so they can easily take part in the class even though they’re miles away – at no additional charge!

It uses SMARTBoard interactive whiteboard technology so students can watch and interact with the instructor virtually in real time.

We are located in Phoenix, AZ (MST) so keep the time zones in mind.

Get Certified from Anywhere!

These are some of the courses and certifications we offer: Microsoft Networks & Office, Juniper Networks, CompTIA, Cisco, EC-Council cyber security, Dell Force10, Citrix, PMI, VMWare, business skills like social media marketing and business change agent.

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10 Reasons to get Certified – Career Infographic

If you’re among the unemployed or if you’d like to advance in your career, here are 10 reasons why you should get certified:

10 Reasons to get certified

  1. FULFILLMENT: You feel personal satisfaction about your educational accomplishment. A series of positive events accumulate and provide a sense of satisfaction. Effort put into learning and expanding personal growth through solid education enhances professional accomplishments. It is said that the two accomplishments that we point to with pride are jobs and education.
  2. VALIDATION: Certification validates and affirms your work ethic and pursuit of success. IT leaders today are struggling to find qualified, certified people, according to a survey done by IDG Research. Further research shows that 8 out of 10 HR professionals believe IT certifications will grow in usefulness and importance over the next few years.
  3. PREPARATION: Certification is an inexpensive way to show employers that your skills are up to date. There can be many barriers to continuing your education but money shouldn’t be one of them. The certification process is relatively inexpensive in comparison to community college or university choices and it improves the chances that an employer will pick YOU. The right certification will not hurt you and will certainly help.
  4. VALUE: Certification increases your marketability and value to prospective employers. According to research, in a survey of 1,700 Human Resources and IT executives, most hiring managers rate IT certifications as having extremely high value in validating skills and expertise.
  5. RECRUITABILITY: Certification influences search firms to prioritize and select you as a job candidate. A recent survey by the IT Job Board revealed that 75 percent of recruiters believe that IT candidates with additional qualifications stand a better chance of securing a job. Two of the top technology recruiting companies (Dice and Indeed), listed out the number of jobs listings that mention certifications as such:
  6. FINANCIAL: An individual’s earning potential is enhanced with certification.  For example, in comparison, a PMP certification gives you an average of a 19% pay rate advantage. A+ and Net+ certifications by themselves do not necessarily give a financial advantage but open the doors to other technologies that do for those willing to take the journey beyond the basics. Security+ from CompTIA, for example, is the foundation for other security certifications and security is definitely a hot job area.
  7. EMPLOYABLE: Certification can give you a hiring advantage over non-certified candidates.  Microsoft certifications are hot certifications to have in the marketplace and are proving to maintain their value to employers. If predictions about “virtualization” technology is correct then VMware and the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification will be well worth considering to make yourself employable.
  8. RETAINABLE: Companies tend to retain certified, skilled, and knowledgeable employees. During difficult times, when employment is harder to come by and keep and the competition is fierce, holding additional IT certifications could be vital to sustaining your present position.
  9. PROMOTABLE: Certification opens the door to new careers, job improvement, and advancement.  Certifications are one way IT professionals can keep up with current trends in IT technology, build their IT resume and open new doors of opportunity. Look at your career plan as a roadmap with a certification as one stop on the way to your destination.  Growth through more certifications add more stops to a better destination. 84 percent of IT professionals consider that holding industry certifications will improve their employment opportunities. In your current position, show that you are seeking to improve yourself in areas that are important to the company. Choose specialized training or certifications in the area you are interested in. Problem solving skills and leadership skills are of great value in IT. The more current your skill sets and comprehensive your certifications, the more likely you will be able advance you career and move up the ladder.
  10. PROFESSIONAL: Certification helps you gain unique access to professional group resources. Groups via LinkedIn are open to varying levels of professions and how you are linked to those professions. If you have the knowledge and interest, then there are all kinds of forums for sharing.

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Arizona PMI Week

DWWTC is proud to support our Arizona Project Managers during Project Management week which runs from October 31st through November 3rd. There is a list of seminars, workshops, and events in town this week, most of which can be found on the Arizona PMI chapter’s website at There is still time to register for events for those that are interested as well as exclusive media.

So if you are a PMI member who hasn’t checked the site in a while or just interested in project management you are sure to take something away from all of the fun things happening this week. For further information and PMI training visit the PMI section of our website or the AZ-PMI link above.

What is Force10 Networks?

How many people have heard about Force10 Networks? Been in a Force 10 Gail? Seen Force10 from Naverone? Well, Force10 Networks makes high performance core and top of rack switches for high performance, high end data centers, high density data centers, high reliability data centers, all over the world. You probably already use their products. 25% of all internet traffic worldwide and 85% of internet searches in the USA go through Force10 switches and routers.

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Recurring Appointment Tips in Microsoft Outlook

How often do you have a recurring weekly meeting appointment, and you go to plug it into Microsoft Outlook and enter it in over and over again? I think we all have at one time but there’s an easier way to do it and save yourself some trouble, so here are some recurring appointment tips in Microsoft Outlook.

Here’s how you do it: First start off by entering in the basic appointment content, and double click to open the form entering in the date and time. Next, click on the Recurrence Button, (for Outlook 2007 go to the Appointment tab and click on the Recurrence button in the Options) Then in the Recurrence Pattern section choose whether it’s weekly or monthly. You then will be able to choose weekly, bi-weekly, or even greater spans, leading to monthly. You can then choose a termination date, say for a school class, or it can run forever. Then click OK, and your set. Now look at your calendar and give yourself a pat on the back!

For more information on Microsoft Outlook 2007 Training or Microsoft Outlook 2010 Training “ visit:

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