Recurring Appointment Tips in Microsoft Outlook

How often do you have a recurring weekly meeting appointment, and you go to plug it into Microsoft Outlook and enter it in over and over again? I think we all have at one time but there’s an easier way to do it and save yourself some trouble, so here are some recurring appointment tips in Microsoft Outlook.

Here’s how you do it: First start off by entering in the basic appointment content, and double click to open the form entering in the date and time. Next, click on the Recurrence Button, (for Outlook 2007 go to the Appointment tab and click on the Recurrence button in the Options) Then in the Recurrence Pattern section choose whether it’s weekly or monthly. You then will be able to choose weekly, bi-weekly, or even greater spans, leading to monthly. You can then choose a termination date, say for a school class, or it can run forever. Then click OK, and your set. Now look at your calendar and give yourself a pat on the back!

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