The Benefits of IT Certification

Certification Benefits for the Job Seeker and Employee

Individuals who are seeking employment or those currently employed and looking for new or different jobs have a lot to gain from certifications. In this post we will cover some of the instances when certification training can benefit you as an employee or employer.

As an individual wondering why a certification would matter to you we can offer some insight as to what we hear from our students and their employers. To potential employers, a certified candidate illustrates a willingness to go the extra mile and expand their knowledge on a particular subject. This can mean the crucial difference between you and other candidates and can also be a requirement. Much like a degree, a certification is proof that you have put in the time to learn the material.

For those who are gainfully employed, a certification can mean reinforced job security and can generally increase the your earnings potential. In some companies certifications may even improve the possibility for you to get promotions. If you are looking to gain an advantage over other candidates, then a certification can be the extra step you need.

Even if you aren’t looking for a competitive edge, it is always good to set personal goals such as updating your job skills to stay relevant. This is where certification retention and renewal can help you maintain your knowledge and credibility. Certification renewals serve to ensure your skill set stays up-to-date even when you aren’t working with the latest technologies and can help serve to future-proof you and your company from emerging technologies.

Employee Certification Benefits for the Company

In corporate environments certification can be increasingly important for employees and the business alike. For companies that certify their employees, both are rewarded with increased confidence, both can up-to-date with current trends, and it can help reduce potential risks. The return on investment for certification is very high if well maintained.

The added confidence and knowledge that certification brings can boost productivity and will increase the skill floor of the business as a whole. Certification is a win-win for everyone involved and will elevate you and your company to new heights.

Recap of Certification Benefits
Employee Benefits
  • Job seekers have more job opportunities and higher potential for getting hired.
  • Those who are employed can look forward to higher job retention, promotions and generally higher earning potential.
  • Personal goals or required certification updates and renewals are a good way to stay on top of the industry.
Company Benefits
  • You can operate in confidence that your employees are qualified and competent.
  • Ongoing certifications ensure your company stays on the cutting edge.
  • Potential risks and common mishaps can be avoided with the proper training.
  • Certifying your employees is also a great way to boost productivity and increase the pool of available skills.

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Pulse Secure PSAEP Announcement

DWWTC Is Now A Pulse Secure Authorized Education Partner

Pulse Secure and DWWTC announce the PSAEP Program!

Tempe, Arizona: Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants (DWWTC) has once again partnered with Pulse Secure to become one of only two PSAEPs in the world. As of February 25, 2019, Pulse Secure is changing the way they look at training and as a long-time partner, DWWTC is committed to helping deliver top-quality education. Going forward we are excited about updates coming to Pulse Secure courses and certification as well continued success as a new PSAEP!

Owner Dave Warren has expressed that he is “very excited for the future Pulse Secure training at DWWTC” and believes the PSAEP program will be great success. When speaking with Sudhakar Ramakrishna (CEO of Pulse Secure), he indicated that “Pulse Secure recognizes that an empowered and enabled partner and sales community is better able to deliver customer and business success. To this end, the criticality of training and certification, and our partnership with DWWTC is a key business imperative of Pulse Secure. Attendees of the training delivered by DWWTC will leave with the skills and the confidence needed to successfully implement and maintain the Pulse Secure solutions”.

Overall, the new PSAEP program should create a unique marketplace for Pulse Secure training and DWWTC will be there every step of the way. We look forward to working with the PSAEP program and Pulse Secure clients to ensure that only the highest quality training is delivered.


Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants (DWWTC) provides the highest quality instructor-led classroom, remote, and on-site training across major IT platforms and many business and professional certification areas. As the leading partner with multiple IT platform providers and exclusive partnerships in Business Analysis, Leadership, and Project Management, DWWTC provides the best training for you and your organization! Learn more at

About Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure provides easy, comprehensive software-driven Secure Access solutions for people, devices, things and services that improve visibility, protection and productivity for our customers. Our suites uniquely integrate cloud, mobile, application and network access to enable hybrid IT in a Zero Trust world. Over 20,000 enterprises and service providers across every vertical entrust Pulse Secure to empower their mobile workforce to securely access applications and information in the data center and cloud while ensuring business compliance. Learn more at

Cybersecurity Solutions: Training Your Employees

The Evolution of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity as an industry has been around for more than 30 years and it is more relevant now than ever before. Today we face threats that affect technologies in ways we never imagined. From consumer connected devices to corporate or industrial systems and even public infrastructure any and all devices can become a target.

With companies storing increasing amounts of data and relying heavily on cloud technologies, battling against data breaches and service attacks becomes a top priority. Last week the U.S. Director of National Intelligence released a worldwide threat assessment that includes a range of technology and cyber-related threats that have become exceedingly cheap and effective over recent years.

As a result of the ever-increasing threats introduced by expanding our technological footprint, the responsibility for the protection of customer and company data becomes apparent. Protecting against cyber threats is an ongoing process. Attackers never stop looking for and abusing vulnerabilities anywhere they can be found. This leaves companies with a need that the current job market cannot catch up.

The Employment Situation

By 2021 there are likely to be as many as 3.5 million vacant cybersecurity jobs. This kind of employee shortage will leave companies and their customers at risk. Which is why now is the right time to start expanding the talent pool.

Cyber security training is a great way to get your current employees the information and knowledge they need to keep your company safe. There are several options when it comes to training, depending on what your business needs are.

  • For a smaller company or when hiring entry-level workers, Security+ from CompTIA would be a good place to start.
  • Larger companies may have satellite offices or work over a VPN. Here you will find security technologies like Pulse Secure or Fortinet work exceptionally well and offer great instructor led on-demand training.
  • Service providers typically require high-level training from providers like Juniper Networks and Cisco.

However large or small your company is, cybersecurity is a real part of doing business in this age of technology. However, the right training and knowledgeable employees are the first and last line of defense. So choose wisely.

DWWTC Wins JNAEP Americas: Partner Of The Year!

We are happy to announce that DWWTC has been named as a Juniper Networks Education Partner of the Year for 2017.

With so many competitors in the training sector it is always a pleasure to find out that you are the best at what you do. At DWWTC we strive to bring you the finest training available and we have the services and instructors to prove it. At DWWTC our commitment to helping students achieve their goals is what makes all of this possible.

Alongside this news comes the announcement of the Americas Partner Instructor of the Year. This year the award goes to our very own Dave Warren. Dave is not just the company owner, but he is also a shining example of our desire to bring you the best education available. Dave has also obtained the coveted Quadruple JNCIE, meaning he is a certified expert-level instructor for Juniper service provider, enterprise, security, and data center courses.

DWWTC takes great pride in the quality of our instructors and their ability effectively educate our students. This passion is driven by our CEO’s aim to “help students to succeed in their careers”. A message that echos true in everything we do.

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About Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants

Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants (DWWTC) provides a wide variety of instructor-led information technology (IT) and professional certification preparation training programs. All our programs are certified and designed to prepare students for vendor approved, industry recognized certification examinations. And with Dynamic Worldwide Training’s revolutionary virtual classroom training capability, REAL-ILT™, remote students become part of the classroom using two-way video interaction to take part in a class from anywhere in the world.

New Help is Here for Youth — Our Next Generation of Business Leaders!


Carl B. Forkner

One of the underserved segments of our population consists of teens and young adults who either do not aspire to or cannot afford college or university degrees. These are the future IT Technicians, office administrators, managers, and leaders who will lead America in a rapidly-approaching future.

A new program to help youth from 16-24 years of age gain the training, insight, and certifications they need to embark on successful careers has arrived!

The Maricopa County Arizona @ Work Youth Workforce Services is a program is designed to help out of school youth ages 16-24 return to education and/or find gainful employment that can provide a career and foster independence. This year-round program tailors training plans to each individual’s specific needs and goals. The program is funded through federal grants associated with the Workforce Incentive and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grant program — this means that your training is paid for without taking a penny out of your pocket!

Here’s How it Works!

Eligibility for the Program

Youth pexels-photo-57825who are in a number of different life situations are eligible for this training grant program. Eligible students meet with an advisor and together they develop a skills and training program tailored to your needs and career goals. If you are not attending school and meet one of the broad range of eligibility criteria, you’re in! 

To be eligible, you need to meet one or more criteria, including:

  • A school dropout
  • HS diploma or GED, low-income, basic skills lacking or English Language Learner (ELL)
  • Homeless or Runaway
  • In foster care or aged out of foster care system
  • Eligible for Social Security assistance 
  • Have a disability
  • Subject to juvenile or adult justice system
  • Pregnant or parenting 
  • and/or others…

You will need to have a photo ID that includes your date of birth, a Social Security card, proof that you fit one of the categories of criteria above, and Selective Service Registration (men age 18+).

Services Provided under the Program at Dynamic Worldwide Training in Tempe startup-photos-large

We provide training across a number of skill areas that enable young adults to lay the foundation for future success!

Our programs align with many of the available services promoted by Arizona @ Work Youth Workforce Services, including:

  • Occupational skills training
  • Education as workforce preparation for specific occupations 
  • Entrepreneurial skills training
  • Supportive services, including job placement assistance and training
  • Activities to prepare for transition to higher education/certifications
  • Leadership development
  • Services on the labor market, employment statistics, and in-demand career positions in the Phoenix metropolitan area.
How to Apply for the Training Grant

Closeup of message stones on white background.Applying for the grant is easy! The first step is to contact the Dynamic Worldwide Training representative to receive your initial counseling and ensure that you have the necessary documentation and answer your initial questions about the program. 

Our program representative is Mr. Rodger Brubacher. He can be reached by e-mail at, by phone at 602.386.2045 or 866.399.8287, or by stopping by the Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants training facility at 4500 S. Lakeshore Drive, Suite 600, Tempe, AZ 85282.

When you come in for your initial visit, we will take you on a brief tour of the training facility so you can see where the beginning of your future will start!



Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants proudly supports Arizona @ Work Youth and Adult Workforce Services!

IT Technician – Your Ticket to a Great Career!


Carl Forkner, Ph.D.

Director of Training & Development

Technology devices. Across the globe, most people have one. It may be on your desk, on your lap, or in your pocket. You can use these devices for social media, taking pictures, banking, shopping, research, communicating with others, and much more. The Internet of Things, allowing you to run your security system, household appliances, and other options, once only available to the rich and famous—now it is available to the average consumer. Technology will continue to evolve—it is not going to go away.

Why is this certification so important and what can it do for you?

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Project Management Skills: Strengthened through Certification


Mary Pendleton

Director for Consumer Education

Today’s job market is tough—and that is not going to change in the foreseeable future. Many professionals with managerial and leadership skills are finding that the experience they have as leaders does not carry the prestige as it once did nor does it always translate into finding that next job. Now, it is no longer acceptable to just have managed projects as part of your leadership role, you need to have achieved the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification as well. With a job market that has more professionals seeking work than there are professional positions to fill, having certification along with experience is essential to carry you to the next level along your career path.

Why is this certification so important and what can it do for you?

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High Demand Skills You Should Acquire

Building the most up-to-date skills is a promising way to move your career forward. With our rapidly evolving world, there is an increase in demand for specialized skills in every industry sector. Here are 5 high-demand skills/certifications that you should acquire in second half of 2016.

Trending Career Skills
  • Data Center Management: The new data center landscape is now largely virtualized and spread across multiple, geographically distributed sites and public, private and hybrid cloud environments. It requires a new type of data center network with an architecture optimized for the cloud era and an infrastructure that gives you agility, automation, and simplicity. (source: Juniper Networks)
  • Leadership Development: Great leaders are made, not born to be. Building leadership skills helps you to look at challenges from a different perspective, build confidence and wisdom.
  • Network Automation: Right for you if you are network engineers, developers, and operators of large-scale network infrastructures. With knowledge of network automation, it is easier to boost productivity and operational efficiency while reducing risk factors.
High-Demand Certification
  • Six Sigma Green Belt: Lean Six Sigma is a business improvement method that searches for the causes of defect and eliminates these causes by focusing on outputs according to customer’s needs. As a certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional, you will have the technical and leadership capability to improve the performance of an existing industrial or commercial process.
  • ITIL Certification: The ITIL Foundation certification is a globally recognized IT Service Management certification. Certified professionals will be able to implement the best practices and bring values to a business.

The 3 Foundations of Cloud Computing

Types of Cloud ComputingCloud computing is a popular term that describes a broad range of services. As Cloud computing is rapidly evolving, it is important to understand the different components of cloud computing and how to choose the right level of cloud solutions to your unique needs.

There are 3 fundamental service models of cloud computing: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the most basic of the three cloud service models.

The service provider creates the infrastructure, which becomes a self-service platform for the user for accessing, monitoring, and managing remote data center services. The benefit to IaaS is that the user does not have to invest large amounts into infrastructure and ongoing upgrades and service, while retaining operational flexibility. The down side is that this model requires the user to have a higher degree of technical knowledge. Amazon Web Service (AWS) currently dominates IaaS cloud solutions and Windows Azure is a cloud network with global reach that offers IaaS options. Look for OpenStack to become the future in IaaS and cloud computing management.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides an additional level of service to the user beyond the IaaS model.

In this model, the provider not only builds the infrastructure, but also provides monitoring and maintenance services for the user. Users of PaaS cloud services have access to “middleware” to assist with application development. PaaS solutions also include inherent characteristics including scalability, high availability, multi-tenancy, SaaS enabling, and other features. This allows the user to focus on what is most important to their business, their application(s). Windows Azure, for example, is an IaaS and PaaS in one cloud service, which gives you more control. It supports .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, Java and Ruby. Developers can also use Visual Studio for creating and deploying applications.

Software as a Service (SaaS) represents the largest cloud computing market.

SaaS takes the final step of bringing the actual software application into the set of functions managed by the provider, with the user having a client interface. The application resides in the cloud itself, so most SaaS applications may be operated through a web browser without the need to install resident software on individual appliances. This allows businesses to develop software and operational requirements, but to have them written and fulfilled by a third party vendor. SaaS operates in a highly structured model and does not provide the broad flexibility of software development options available in the PaaS model. Best examples include Microsoft Office 365, Citrix GoToMeeting, Salesforce, etc…

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary will make your experience a better one

More personalization, natural human-computing interaction, and bio-metric security will help you to adapt to Windows 10 with ease. Whether you upgrade early or you tend to take more time to migrate, we have some exciting features and experience improvements to share that have been revealed in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build.

Cortana – Chatting with your new assistant even before login

For people who are new to Windows 10: While we’re getting used to be with digital assistants, from Siri on the iPhone to Alexa apps for home appliances such as Amazon Echo, Cortana is the only one built into a desktop operating system. Simply ask for assistance to set a calendar or make a note. The more you use Cortana, the more personalized your experience you will be.

For those who already have had Cortana finding files on your PC: You’ll be surprised in its evolving nature. In the coming anniversary update, Cortana will be at your service above the lock screen. Even if you don’t use all of the assistant features, you can still get tailored news and entertainment content delivered as a mini-newspaper.

Windows Ink enables you to sketch on screen and write on webpages*

Microsoft is dedicated to making pen-driven experience on PC as natural as it is on a piece of paper. Windows Ink Workplace is one of the biggest feature in the Anniversary Update that turns your PC into a canvas. With built-in experiences such as Sketchpad or Screen Sketch, it allows you to draw, capture or mark up anywhere on files across different programs and share when done. When enabled, the Microsoft Edge browser will allow you to directly highlight and take notes on webpages.

Windows 10 Screen Sketch

*Hardware or touch-enabled required.

Windows Hello – Allowing access with enterprise-level security

Granting system access with enterprise-level security; Windows Hello uses bio-metric authentication such as fingerprints or facial recognition to secure your info without typing traditional passwords. In the forthcoming Anniversary Update, it’s expected to be tied-in with Microsoft’s Edge browser and applications where you’ll be able to have security and easy bio-metric access.

** Windows Hello requires specialized hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor or other bio-metric sensors.

DWWTC Recommendations:

Still insecure about upgrading to Windows 10? Fear Not. We have related courses that help you get hands-on experience.

  • Using Microsoft Windows 10: Is a single day course guides you through major features and changes. It benefits you as an individual or your employees with a shortened learning curve and higher productivity with the new operating system.

For IT professionals, the following courses will prepare you for success:

Source: * * Li-Chen Miller, Group Program Manager, Windows Ink * Mauro Huculak, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)