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High Demand Skills You Should Acquire

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Building the most up-to-date skills is a promising way to move your career forward. With our rapidly evolving world, there is an increase in demand for specialized skills in every industry sector. Here are 5 high-demand skills/certifications that you should acquire in second half of 2016. Trending Career Skills Data Center Management: The new data […]

The 3 Foundations of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is a popular term that describes a broad range of services. As Cloud computing is rapidly evolving, it is important to understand the different components of cloud computing and how to choose the right level of cloud solutions to your unique needs. There are 3 fundamental service models of cloud computing: Infrastructure as […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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Windows 10 Anniversary will make your experience a better one More personalization, natural human-computing interaction, and bio-metric security will help you to adapt to Windows 10 with ease. Whether you upgrade early or you tend to take more time to migrate, we have some exciting features and experience improvements to share that have been revealed […]

Upcoming Training Events at DWWTC

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About once a month we like to hold a free training events. These events are always free, typically include snacks, and are usually streamed to the web for remote viewing. The list of events keeps growing as you can see in the list below. Join us and see what DWWTC has to offer. First Look: […]

Locking Down Social Media

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Ultimate Knowledge Institute is our learning partner who is responsible for the Social Media Security Professional course. UKi has developed course materials for Cyber Security training and offering consulting services to the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies, DOD Contracting Partners, and Fortune 500 companies (they know what they are talking about). UKi is currently offering […]

For Returning Veterans: 7 Myths and Realities of Organizations

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After 9/11, many men and women volunteered for military duty and as a nation, we are ever so grateful for their service. Now that most are coming home after many months or years of service abroad, combat duty and/or recovering from injuries, transitioning from military life to civilian life is not easy.

Get Certified from Anywhere

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At Dynamic Worldwide Training consultants you can take any of our IT and business career training courses from the comfort of your home or office in “real time’ via REAL-ILT. (Instructor Led Training).   Take a look at this video: We send the student a camera and headset so they can easily take part in […]

10 Reasons to get Certified – Career Infographic

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If you’re among the unemployed or if you’d like to advance in your career, here are 10 reasons why you should get certified: FULFILLMENT: You feel personal satisfaction about your educational accomplishment. A series of positive events accumulate and provide a sense of satisfaction. Effort put into learning and expanding personal growth through solid education […]

Arizona PMI Week

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DWWTC is proud to support our Arizona Project Managers during Project Management week which runs from October 31st through November 3rd. There is a list of seminars, workshops, and events in town this week, most of which can be found on the Arizona PMI chapter’s website at There is still time to register for […]

Dell Buys Force10 Networks

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Force10 provides high-performance solutions designed to deliver new economics by virtualizing and automating conventional datacenter and cloud networks Force10 technology complements and accelerates Dell